3–4 December, GMT+3

How it was

People above all

80+ experts
from Russian and worldwide companies

3–4 December, GMT+3

People above all

How it was
  • 3 December
  • 4 December


In this track, we’ll talk about living and working in today’s reality. We’ll discuss professional growth, building teams, and fighting off crises. Additionally, we’ll:

  • find out how big data helps make scientific discoveries in space;
  • learn why games are helpful for professional development;
  • discuss how parenthood helps people be efficient at work;
  • and much more.
  • 3 December
  • 4 December

Morning show

Morning show
Alexander Sveshnikov
Alexander SveshnikovYandex, Head of Kinopoisk Development
Alexey Obrovets
Alexey ObrovetsHighLoad++ MC

The future is now

Pyotr Popov
Pyotr PopovYandex Technologies, CEO
Garik Israelian
Garik IsraelianPhD, astrophysicist at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, founder of Starmus Festival
Andrey Breslav
Andrey BreslavAlter.ru, Co-Founder
Aleksandr Lozhechkin
Aleksandr LozhechkinRaiffeisen Bank, CIO
ex-AWS, ex-Microsoft

Оpen-source talks

Sergey Berezhnoy
Sergey BerezhnoyYandex, Developer Relations Director
Anton Golub
Anton GolubQIWI, Chief Engineer
Aleksandr Kirsanov
Aleksandr KirsanovVK, Head of Department, KPHP
Sergey Gordeychik
Sergey GordeychikCyberOK, CEO
Aslan Bayramkulov
Aslan BayramkulovMTS Big Data, Head of Experimental Group
Dmitry Mordvinov
Dmitry MordvinovHuwai, Key Academic Consultant St. Petersburg State University, Associate Professor, Lecturer
Oleg Bondar
Oleg BondarYandex, CPO YDB
Alexander Krainov
Alexander KrainovYandex, Head of the Machine Intelligence Laboratory
Denis Goncharov
Denis GoncharovNOLI Music, Founder and CEO
Metacraft Studio, Founder and CEO
Galina Yuzefovich
Galina YuzefovichLiterary Critic, Book Author
Sergey Shcherbinin
Sergey ShcherbininUBRD, CIO/CTO
ex-Raiffeisenbank, ex-Kaspersky, ex-Shell
Asya Statyeva
Asya StatyevaYandex, Head of Yandex ID
Daniil Tararukhin
Daniil TararukhinYandex, Head of Yandex Routing Analytics
Anastasia Abrashitova
Anastasia AbrashitovaYandex, Head of the Repository Ecosystem Service
Viktor Koreysha
Viktor KoreyshaOzon Tech, Head of the Message Bus Department

Fixing algorithm speeds. Live coding

Aleksey Shagrayev
Aleksey Shagrayevpora.ai, CTO & Co-Founder,
ex-Yandex, ex-Google
Vladimir Grinenko
Vladimir GrinenkoYandex, Head of the Ecosystem Frontend Department
Aleksey Popkov
Aleksey PopkovToloka, Frontend Team Lead
Sergey Berezhnoy
Sergey BerezhnoyYandex, Developer Relations Director
Gleb Astashkin
Gleb AstashkinYandex, Group Head
Nikita Dubko
Nikita DubkoYandex, Head of Development at HR Tech
Andrei Kogun
Andrei KogunKROK, Director of Developers Group
Gennadiy Yevstratov
Gennadiy YevstratovYandex Go, Head of Yandex Pro Mobile Development
Kira Kuzmenko
Kira KuzmenkoNEWHR Global, CEO
Natalia Ponomareva
Natalia PonomarevaYandex, Head of Recruitment for Search and Advertising Technologies

Web 3.0: a look into the future

Alexey Bashkeev
Alexey BashkeevYandex Cloud, CEO
Nikolai Vorontsov
Nikolai VorontsovN+1, Managing Editor
Andrew Stepanov
Andrew StepanovVP of AI at fintech startup in Southeast Asia, ex-Tinkoff
Kira Kuzmenko
Kira KuzmenkoNEWHR Global, CEO
Maria Krasnaya
Maria KrasnayaYandex, Head of Recruitment Group
Gleb Astashkin
Gleb AstashkinYandex, Group Head
Aleksey Shagrayev
Aleksey Shagrayevpora.ai, CTO & Co-Founder,
ex-Yandex, ex-Google
Andrey Breslav
Andrey BreslavAlter.ru, Co-Founder
Pavel Pritchin
Pavel PritchinDodo Engineering, CTO
Evgeny Kot
Evgeny KotWrike, Director of Development
Yevgeniy Katella
Yevgeniy KatellaYandex, Head of the Mobile Development Unit
David Roganov
David RoganovYandex Practicum, CTO
Aleksandr Kucheev
Aleksandr KucheevYandex, Head of Backend Development for Payment Solutions, Kinopoisk
Gleb Mikheev
Gleb MikheevSkillbox Holding, CTO
Sergey Gavrilov
Sergey GavrilovBEsmart, CEO; Debate Federation, Cofounder
Ivan Melnik
Ivan MelnikX5 Tech, Business Technological Development Director

Digital accessibility from blind testers' point of voice

Valeriya Kurmak
Valeriya KurmakYandex, Head of Inclusion
Artem PlaksinVK, Freelance Software Testing Engineer
Anatoly Popko
Anatoly PopkoYandex, Software Testing Engineer
Pavel PopkoSber, Software Testing Engineer

Getting off our high horse: how we learned from our mistakes. With the Epic Growth community.

Igor Sedachev
Igor SedachevAvito, Product Unit Lead
Denis Mosin
Denis MosinYandex, Director of Design for Alice and Smart Devices

Conference close


Technology isn’t the end goal; it’s a tool that helps us make the world better, safer, more convenient, and more interesting. This will become the leitmotif of our tech reports. This year, you can expect:

  • four thematic tracks: backend, frontend, mobile development, and machine learning;
  • stories about what’s hiding under the hood of products and services;
  • project breakdowns and discussions of the hottest topics.
  • 3 December
  • 4 December
Dmitry Trimonov
Dmitry TrimonovYandex, Head of Smart Camera Mobile Development
Valeriya Kurmak
Valeriya KurmakYandex, Head of Inclusion
Alexey Zakharov
Alexey ZakharovKaspersky, Senior Software Development Engineer in Test
Yevgeniy Fedorov
Yevgeniy FedorovYandex Eats, iOS Developer

How iOS analyzes our health: HealthKit, ResearchKit, CareKit, Activity and which sensors it uses

Ilya Chikmarev
Ilya ChikmarevCocoaHeads, Community Co-Organizer

Should mobile development make the shift to open source

Yevgeniy Katella
Yevgeniy KatellaYandex, Head of the Mobile Development Unit
Olga Kim
Olga KimYandex, CTO DivKit
Aleksey Mikhailov
Aleksey MikhailovIceRock Development, CTO
Alexander Blinov
Alexander BlinovHeadHunter, CTO B2C

ML at Yandex: finding the balance between product and research

Aleksey Gusakov
Aleksey GusakovYandex, Head of the Machine Intelligence and Research Department

Neural dubbing: tearing down language barriers in video

Sergey Dukanov
Sergey DukanovYandex, Video Translation Team Lead

ML in ecom: who needs it?

Petr Ermakov
Petr ErmakovYandex, ML Brand Director
Marat Bakiev
Marat BakievSberMarket, Director of Big Data Analaysis
Aleksandr Parubchenko
Aleksandr ParubchenkoSupportAI, ML Team Lead
Sergey Vorontsov
Sergey VorontsovYandex Go, Head of Data Science
Van Khachatryan
Van KhachatryanOzon, Head of Product Advertising Department, ex-Head of Machine Learning and Matching
Mikhail Levin
Mikhail LevinYandex Market, Chief Data Science Officer

Analyzing water samples with neural networks: opening a class set, data shifts, and micro-organisms

Sergey Oreshkov
Sergey OreshkovMaritimeAI, Data Scientist

Generating images with neural networks: how neural networks work and can they change the way we create content

Sergey Ovcharenko
Sergey OvcharenkoYandex, Head of Computer Vision Neural Network Technologies Group
Valentin Khrulkov
Valentin KhrulkovYandex, Senior Researcher
Andrey Kuznetsov
Andrey KuznetsovSber, Executive Director of Data Research
Artyom Sarkisov
Artyom SarkisovArt. Lebedev Studio, Nikolay Ironov Developer


Sergey Berezhnoy
Sergey BerezhnoyYandex, Developer Relations Director
Nadezhda Nashirbanova
Nadezhda NashirbanovaYandex Technology Verticals, Senior Product Designer
Diana Abdrakhmanova
Diana AbdrakhmanovaYandex Market, Lead Product Manager
Maxim Smirnov
Maxim SmirnovTinkoff, Head of Frontend for the International Projects Department
Nikita Dubko
Nikita DubkoYandex, Head of Development at HR Tech
Alex Kozlov
Alex KozlovYandex Market, Head of Interface Development for Logistics
Andrey Melikhov
Andrey MelikhovYandex Cloud, Lead Developer
Nikita Sidorov
Nikita SidorovYandex, Lead Developer
Vladimir Grinenko
Vladimir GrinenkoYandex, Head of the Ecosystem Frontend Department
Alyona Batitskaya
Alyona BatitskayaDoka, Frontend Team Lead
Aleksey Popkov
Aleksey PopkovToloka, Frontend Team Lead
Andrey Melikhov
Andrey MelikhovYandex Cloud, Lead Developer
Danila Shtan
Danila ShtanYandex, Head of the Development Technologies Department
Vladimir Maslov
Vladimir MaslovX5 Tech, Team Lead

Structural optimization of relational databases

Grigory Bogdanov
Grigory BogdanovAltenar, Backend Development Team Lead
Oleg Bunin
Oleg BuninHighLoad++, Community Organizer
Konstantin Osipov
Konstantin OsipovScyllaDB, Director of Development
Andrey Borodin
Andrey BorodinPostgreSQL Global Development Group, Postgres Contributor
Andrey Fomichev
Andrey FomichevYandex Cloud, Founder and Head of YDB
Vladimir Perepelitsa
Vladimir PerepelitsaTarantool, Architector and PM
Ivan Panchenko
Ivan PanchenkoPostgres Pro, Deputy CEO
Ruslan Savchenko
Ruslan SavchenkoYandex, Head of Dynamic Tables Development Service
Sveta Smirnova
Sveta SmirnovaPersona, Principal Support Engineering Coordinator

Automating development team user scenarios and exploitation

Ilya Sidorov
Ilya SidorovYandex Market, Mini-Market Development Team Lead

Conference close

Yandex is breaking language barriers

Neural network-driven streaming voice-over translation is a complicated technological task that nobody in the world has managed to achieve yet. Unlike recorded videos, where a neural network immediately is fed the full audio track, streaming requires work on the fly, like a simultaneous interpreter.

This year, we’ll be streaming YaTalks simultaneously in two languages using these technologies. We believe our solution will help users overcome at least some language barriers and discover a whole new world of content that hasn’t been translated yet.

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