Behind every phenomenon, there is a code

In 2023, Yandex’s premier conference for the IT community YaTalks celebrates its 5th anniversary. We decided to commemorate this by dedicating YaTalks 2023 to understanding phenomena.

An idea alone does not guarantee results, a fact known to anyone who has ever launched a project. To truly impact the world, an idea must become a phenomenon. And it is the phenomena that keep the world evolving.

But any phenomenon has a cause. Behind each one, there is a code. We are the result of unique genetic code combinations. Social and cultural codes shape our vision of the world. And the advent of program code caused science and technology to evolve at a speed never imagined before.

The world used to be reshaped by the steam engine and the light bulb inventors. Today, artificial intelligence and supercomputers help conduct thousands of autonomous scientific experiments daily and analyze enormous amounts of data.

This has already enabled scientists to begin clinical trials of a cancer vaccine. Climate researchers can now predict and mitigate the climate change effects more accurately. And the James Webb Space Telescope was able to discover the most distant exoplanet and detect organic molecules in galaxies far away.

Behind every phenomenon, there is a code. And behind every line of code, there is a dedicated individual. Engineers and developers, researchers and analysts, backenders and frontenders — we all have different backgrounds but a common desire to shape the future.

With every product developed, feature implemented, and neural network trained, we turn ideas into phenomena that change life for the better.

Once, YaTalks also was an idea that five engineers from the Yandex’s Ekaterinburg office implemented. Today, YaTalks is an international event bringing together thousands of people in Belgrade, Moscow, Almaty, Yerevan, Ekaterinburg, and other parts of the world.

YaTalks speakers and attendees speak the same language as YaTalks, which engineers created for engineers. This year, we will dive deep into the technology, analyze industry-shaping tech trends, discuss IT management practices, and get inspired by landmark scientific ideas.

Join in!