The YaTalks Manifesto
The challenges we face today often have nothing to do with technology. They call for a different kind of experience, the kind we accumulate throughout life. We build new work mechanisms while preserving the teams and the relationships within.

Professional connections have become more valuable, and the community has gained more significance than ever. Within this community, we hold difficult conversations, seek contacts, ask for advice, form rules and standards, and work out base principles.

In 2022, humanness has become the ultimate soft skill: it will be our primary focus during this year’s YaTalks.

YaTalks shall be the meeting point for engineers, product specialists, technical managers, and individual communities. We invite you to discuss microtrends, ambitious launches, and breakthroughs in four tech stacks. And as part of the «Lifestyle» track, we’ll share new experiences, insights, methodology, solutions, answers, and questions without answers.

In other words, YaTalks in 2022 is about the things that help us remain human and keep making the world better and simpler with the help of technology.