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Anatoly Popko

Yandex, Software Testing Engineer

He focuses on digital content that’s accessible for blind users, screen access programs, adaptive technologies, communications, and personal productivity.

He also promotes digital accessibility issues:

  • Russian representative to the Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs (G3ICT/Smart Cities for All)
  • Member of the working group for social integration of youth with disabilities under the Commission for the Disabled
  • Member of the working group for the Bank of Russia on financial accessibility for people with disabilities and people with limited mobility
  • Expert with the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

As part of his role building regulatory and legal bases for digital accessibility, he is an author of the current Russian standard for digital content accessibility (GOST-R 52872–2019) as well as accessibility standards for PDF files, user agents, digital content development tools, and speech production systems.

He is a strong ally for blind computer users as the founder of the Inclusive IT Center for Accessibility and personalized remote computer literacy classes for blind users.

Being blind didn’t stop him from spending a year in the US as an exchange student. Since graduating from Moscow State University in 2007, he has held six different jobs. He read the Harry Potter books for the first time at 38, and it was in English as read by Stephen Fry. Twice.

Anatoly Popko
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