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Onsite participants will have the valuable opportunity to receive a free one-on-one consultation with a top IT expert.
During this 25-minute session, you can discuss any concerns or questions and receive expert recommendations.

To schedule your consultation:

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    As the number of consultations is limited, our experts will select the most interesting topics..
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Maxim Smirnov
Head of Frontend Architecture Team @ Tinkoff Bank
  • Micro frontends
  • Frontops
  • Application design
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Alexey Okhrimenko
Lead Interface Developer @ Yandex Cloud
  • On-device ML
  • Angular
  • DevExp
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Sergey Berezhnoy
Developer Relations Director @ Yandex
  • Interface development
  • Building teams and teams of teams
  • Programming training
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Alexander Yanin
Frontend Team Leader @ Yandex Go
  • Team building
  • Development and career in frontend
  • React
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Alexey Panchenko
Mobile Infrastructure Developer @ Yandex Taxi
  • Mobile application Infrastructure (CI, CD). How to fine-tune application assembly and integrate it with development, publishing, and monitoring processes. Intricacies of working with different CI systems and different stores
  • Automating workflows for mobile teams and beyond
  • Infrastructure written in Kotlin. How to write your mobile project’s infrastructure in your favorite language
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Andrey Borodin
Open source RDBMS development team leader @ Yandex Cloud
  • Open source DBMS development
  • DBMS development and scaling issues: subsystems for indexing, fault tolerance, backup, abnormal state monitoring, DBMS traffic management, horizontal scaling
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Anton Polukhin
Head of the Common Components Development Group @ Yandex Go
  • C++ and modern language development
  • Microservice architecture
  • Open source and construction of related processes
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Dmitry Movchan
Head of Android @ Zen
  • Developer onboarding
  • Interviews
  • Android development
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Eugene Ilyushin
CTO @ Viasat Tech
  • Building robust AI systems
  • Comprehensive reliability evaluation of AI systems
  • Formal verification of ANN
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Eugene Rossinsky
CTO @ ivi
  • How to write useful code
  • Managing large teams
  • Where to grow as an engineer
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Antonina Listopadova
Head of Frontend Development @ Yandex Afisha, and Yandex Tickets
  • Developing to be a team leader
  • Difficulties of novice team leaders
  • Developing a professional or personal blog
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Lev Zhukov
Head of Android @ Rutube
  • Video service development
  • Kotlin Coroutines
  • Building mobile development teams and personal growth in IT
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Ivan Samsonov
Head of AI Research @ VK
  • LLMs for business and their development
  • ML-core product development
  • Useless managers: let’s scold them together))
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Aleksandr Sychev
Head of Mobile @ Tinkoff Insurance, iOS expert @ KTS
  • Continuity (import substitution) in mobile development.
  • Team management and product transformations.
  • Developer and team leader growth.
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Petr Myazin
Head of Development @ Forward Trans
  • Practice of AI tools application for code writing. I actively use and test GitHub Copilot, JetBrains AI, Codium, Aider, Perplexity, Shell GPT, and, of course, the traditional web version of ChatGPT in various practical scenarios.
  • Development of corporate workflow applications in PHP, especially for international logistics.
  • Integration with 1C via REST API — I have implemented several projects on integrating PHP applications with 1C via REST API for the last three years. This can be interesting not only for PHP developers but also for any backend programming language — Python, Node, Ruby.
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Alexander Tobol
IT entrepreneur, former Vice President of Technology and Development @ VK, former CTO @ VK, co-founder and former CTO @ VK Video, VK Clips, VK Calls, VK NFT
Creating the Future Company
  • Development of high-traffic services and platforms with a daily audience of 50+ million and 6+ TB, network and network protocol expertise, large-scale traffic distribution, and CDN development.
  • Creation of unique proprietary technologies, algorithms, and platforms in media, social, ML, Web-3, and network optimizations and delivery.
  • Super skill: creating new services and mobile applications from scratch in the shortest time, a passion for innovation, and video technology.
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