Moscow, December 5, 14:00 (GMT +3)
Will be broadcasted

Strong AI: a myth or an existing reality?

Large language models have gained popularity in science and everyday life. We read about them in the news, see impressive video presentations by large corporations, and hear conspiracy theories about how a language model has already understood the world and we are hurtling toward a real SkyNet.

We’ll try to coherently find out what LLMs can do today, what they can handle besides texts, and how they can help to create a super-strong intelligent machine. Andrey will share his research experience in this field, and talk about experiments, benchmarks, and other big humankind problems in the unresolved matters. We will discuss the multi-agent approach, ways of LLM communication, Chain-of-Thought and Tree-of-Thought mechanisms, shared memory, self-reflection, and other aspects that are already worth paying attention to.

Each attendee will answer the question posed in the report’s title through interesting examples and reasoning, and will leave either realizing the hopelessness of natural intelligence or convinced of its triumph.