Round table
Moscow, December 5, 18:00 (GMT +3)
Will be broadcasted

2023 overview: it could have been, but didn’t

Lightning flashed somewhere nearby as they gathered. The tension in the air could be felt even through Zoom. Yes, these guys had been itching to spill the beans for long. «Native TypeScript in the browser — how sweet that sounds," Gleb mused aloud. Maria gave him a skeptical look and sank into her thoughts.

How in the world is this tension going to be resolved? Just think about it. Maria is sure that AI will soon replace developers, but Alexey disagrees. Vitaly is impatient for regular browser engines for iOS, while Alexey is ready to argue that it will only get worse. Maria is bored with Node.js now that there are such cool alternatives, but Vitaly disagrees. And we all hope to forget the good old BEM, even though Vitaly seems to be against it. Oh, what a discussion we’re in for. It’s going to be hot!

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