Egor Markov
Electronic Engineering Lead @ notAnotherOne

For over 10 years, Egor has been involved in schematic design and development of software for devices ranging from architectural lighting and power supply units to personal air monitors and audio hardware. He handles the entire cycle of new device development: finding approaches and technologies that help bring the customer’s idea to life, developing firmware and electronics, automating processes, and supporting production remotely and on-site. He counts the devices produced not in pieces, but in kilometers of boards.

Egor is interested in public transport digitalization, Chinese microcontrollers, BLE, and audio streaming. He has a pet project: an open-source Telegram bot that tells you what time you need to get off to be at the bus stop a minute before the bus arrives.

He spends his free time hiking, biking, and traveling to countries with unusual cultures. Fun facts: Egor drained the Yamal tundra with a pickaxe and shovel; caught an iceberg in Iceland and broke off a piece to make noodles; outsmarted a Turkish taxi driver and got from downtown Istanbul to IST for 10 liras.