Moscow, December 5, 17:00 (GMT +3)
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Open Source Tribune

Yandex understands the importance of open source,; it releases its open products and supports the community. We conducted an open call for applications and selected projects whose authors will discuss themselves and their products at YaTalks 2023.

Slovo: Russian Sign Language Dataset
AI service for translating Russian Sign Language: dataset, benchmark, models

An open-source framework designed for representing data as a probabilistic graphical model and for solving a multitude of AI/ML tasks, such as feature selection in predictive tasks, generating multidimensional synthetic samples, and building probabilistic reasoning (what is the probability of taking such a value if other values are known).

An open-source platform for distributed storage and processing of big data.

Dockerfile Wizard
Visually design and fine-tuneproduction-ready Dockerfile

An open-source framework for application development, capable of quickly processing unstructured and semi-structured data.

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