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Оpen-source talks


Yandex understands how important open source is, releasing its own open products and supporting the community. Not so long ago, we held an open CfP and selected seven projects, the authors of which will discuss themselves and their products at YaTalks 2022.

  1. YDB is an open-source, distributed, and fault-tolerant SQL database that combines high availability and scalability with strict consistency and ACID transactions.
  2. SOLDR is an open EDR system for detecting attacks and responding to cyber incidents.
  3. Ambrosia is an open-source library for A/B tests that lets you quickly and easily handle experiment design, group formation, and result summation using a variety of basic and advanced statistical methods.
  4. Nocc is a distributed C++ compiler. Like distcc, only faster.
  5. Semrel-extra is an effort to break the shackles of .
  6. UnitTestBot is a scientifically verified tool for synthesizing complete test coverage and deep code analysis without false positives.
  7. FBase is a column database in Java used to store time series data.

You can submit any questions you have for the project creators in advance, and we’ll ask the most interesting ones live.