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From expert to manager and back: surviving pain, burnout, and insight


Since early childhood, most of us have had the notion that in a good career, you only grow vertically, which is only possible by becoming a manager.

In their presentation, Andrey Breslav and Aleksandr Lozhechkin will try to convince the audience that there are more ways than one to be successful.

The speakers will systematize their experience in companies of different sizes and industries, where they themselves worked, grew, and helped others grow. They’ll even share their own experience dealing with emotional burnout and changing their career track.

From this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • Which is better: a good manager with a bad team or a bad manager with a good team
  • How to turn mistakes into experience: empathy, bounded rationality, and efficiency as key competencies
  • How to be successful for yourself and those around you without taking a management position