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10 years into the new era of machine learning: neural networks and more


Ten years ago, something amazing happened at ECCV: AlexNet, a neural network, soundly defeated all competitors that weren’t neural networks in an image recognition challenge. That ushered in the dominance of neural networks. ML was renamed AI, growing from niche tech to hyped beyond belief. But it’s been worth the hype.
Over the intervening decade, deep learning has, indeed, become deep, with «unsolvable» tasks commoditized, interest in ML multiplied many times over, money pouring into the industry, and networks learning how to play games, draw, write lyrics, compose music…
This presentation will:

  • Look back at the most important events in ML over the past ten years
  • Recall which articles had the greatest impact on technical development
  • Avoid technical details while assessing the significance of everything that has taken place