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Artem Plaksin

VK, Freelance Software Testing Engineer

A blind analyst specializing in non-visual accessibility and an activist, he runs his own small blog, builds non-profit projects designed for social impact, works to make the internet a friendlier place for the blind, and helps large businesses become more accessible to customers with disabilities.

And also:

  • Head of accessibility testing at Everland
  • Organizer of the Tiflo Host project ecosystem
  • Head of RHVoice Lab
  • Co-founder of Data to Data
  • Host of technical and entertainment shows on Tiflo. Info

A passionate reader, he particularly enjoys science fiction, fantasy, and all their subgenres. It’s something he takes time every day to do. He’s read more than 5000 books that turned out to be fluff and around 800 actually good ones. His most beloved volumes sit on a shelf at home, and the fact that there’s already almost a hundred of them means he’s quickly running out of space.

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