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Aleksandr Lozhechkin

Raiffeisen Bank, CIO
ex-AWS, ex-Microsoft

Having started as a programmer, he quickly began leading other programmers and engineers. Aleksandr worked at a startup called DocsVision and would stay there from the founding line of code and the first hire to several major integrations. He also worked at two megacorps: Microsoft and Amazon, in Moscow and Munich. These days, he manages everything tech at Raiffeisen Bank. Although he thought he was done with IT, it would turn out the opposite: a modern bank is much closer to IT than not.

Fun facts: Aleksandr was born in Kamchatka, survived a plane crash, visited 58 countries, walks 20 thousand steps a day on average, and used to actively blog:

Favorite books:

  • «The Gift» by Vladimir Nabokov
  • «The Idiot» by Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • «Doctor Faustus» by Thomas Mann
  • «0 to 1» by Peter Thiel
Aleksandr Lozhechkin
On YaTalks 2022