Moscow, December 5, 12:00 (GMT +3)

Telegram UI design for Aurora OS

During the workshop, you will learn what technologies are used to develop applications for the Aurora OS and why. You will also understand how to apply them to create a messenger interface.

Lecture material will include:

— Introduction to the Aurora OS;
— Qt framework and Qt Quick technology;
— Elements of the Aurora OS user interface;
— Web resources and events for developers.

The practice will be divided into two parts:

1. Using QML language constructs and Qt Quick technologies.

It includes work with basic visual elements, positioning methods, and interaction with them. This part uses the service

2. Developing an application for the Aurora OS.

In this part, we will create a mobile application using the Aurora SDK and run it in an emulator. We will make several pages similar to the main user interface pages of the Telegram mobile client.

To attend the workshop, you will need to:

1. Download the Aurora SDK for Aurora 4.0.2 OS (available for x86_64 architecture) from

2. Install the Aurora SDK and its dependencies from

3. Verify that you can create, build, and run the application designed from the templates in the emulator:

4. In case of any difficulties, ask questions at