Belgrade, December 5, 17:00 (GMT +1)
Will be broadcasted

Cross-platform of the future: Flutter or KMP

Which is better, Flutter or KMP? Which cross-platform technology will be used in the future? We decided to hold the debates to find answers to these questions and to spice up the end of the first day of the conference.

Debates are an intellectual game in which controversial issues are discussed. Each participant refutes the opponent’s opinion and offers theses to defend their opinion, confidently claiming to achieve the goal.

Everything is intertwined but not predetermined. We do not know precisely what the future will look like, but we are shaping it together as we think and argue about it.

Gennady Evstratov (Yandex) and Eugene Saturow (Surf) will defend Flutter in the debate. Alexey Gladkov (Mobile Developer) and Alexey Panov (Kontur) will defend KMP. Alexey Korovyansky (Effective) will moderate the debates.

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