Belgrade, December 5, 17:00 (GMT +1)
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Art of benchmarking and optimization of distributed databases on the YDB example

YDB is the core database management system for many Yandex services, including Yandex Cloud. The DBMS is well-proven and has been installed on over 1,000 servers, storing petabytes of data. Evgeny will share his experience with benchmarking and optimization.

The report covers the performance issues found in the popular benchmarks Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB) and Benchbase TPC-C. It explains how they were resolved and how these benchmarks are used to find bottlenecks and optimize YDB. The report also shows to what extent YDB outperforms its main competitors CockroachDB and YugabyteDB, which are also open source distributed DBMSs, according to these benchmarks. It will be of interest to application developers who need a reliable DBMS, as well as those interested in distributed systems and databases.