YaTalks 2023

Yandex international conference
for         the IT community;  

December 5–6;
Onsite in Moscow and Belgrade
Online worldwide

Yandex's premier
conference for the IT community;      

YaTalks 2023

On December 5-6, we will be bringing together over 100 IT industry experts and scientists for insightful technical discussions encompassing programming, machine learning, and captivating scientific breakthroughs. YaTalks 2023 will take place across Moscow and Belgrade.

On the first day of the conference, we will immerse ourselves in cutting-edge technologies and significant tech trends. Transitioning to day two of YaTalks 2023, we will delve into essential aspects of IT management and explore scientific phenomena that are already shaping the industry and have the potential to make a substantial impact on the global stage.

December 5;

Exploring technology at YaTalks 2023:

Get ready for a deep dive into the world of technology without the constraints of specific stacks or tools. This day will showcase an impressive lineup of more than 30 talks and masterclasses, spanning key domains:

Interface development track
Engaging discussions on frontend and mobile development
Development and operations track
Encompassing backend, DevOps, databases, hardware, and security
ML track
Concentrating on GPT, CV, NLP, MLOps, and other groundbreaking technologies

December 6;

YaTalks 2023 explores life:

During this day, the primary conference stage will host presentations by seasoned managers from both Russian and international IT companies: including CTOs, leaders of prominent tech firms, and team leaders. Meanwhile, the secondary stage will feature insights from Russian and foreign scientists, as well as science communicators. We’ve curated over 30 talks and masterclasses across various key domains:

IT management track
Encompassing management, career development, team dynamics, leadership, and change management
Inspiration track
Showcasing the most captivating talks about significant scientific phenomena that could reshape the world at large and the IT industry in particular, possibly as soon as tomorrow

Call for Papers;

We’re actively seeking speakers who are ready to take the stage at YaTalks 2023, both in the realm of technical subjects and those encompassing management, science, and even inspirational topics. If you have something to share with the IT community, simply complete the form and await an email from the program committee.

Criteria for technical presentation:

  1. Audience: middle, middle+. Your presentation should cater primarily to experienced professionals while remaining accessible and engaging for those who are still developing as developers.
  2. Relevance: your presentation should clearly convey its value to a wide audience of engineers, explaining why it’s essential for them to hear your talk at this moment.
  3. Uniqueness: we only consider presentations that have not been previously delivered at public events or shared online.

We’re inviting submissions in two types of presentation:

  1. Overview presentations about major technological changes in your field.
  2. Practical talks about how you’ve applied new approaches and tools.

Criteria for management, leadership, and science presentation:

  1. Audience: targeted towards mid+ level engineers and team leads. Your talk should primarily resonate with experienced professionals while remaining relatable and captivating to those in the early stages of their managerial journey.
  2. Your experience: real-world practical experience holds more appeal than abstract summaries from management books.
  3. Uniqueness: we exclusively consider talks that haven’t been presented at previous public events or posted online.

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